Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tonight I retreated to my zen place. I was in a popular crazyoid restaurant. I had my glass of Hogue Pinot Grigio and a nifty chicken, apple, walnut and goat cheese salad. I blocked out the cacophony around me and delved into an issue of Food and Wine that I picked up at the airport while waiting for a co-worker last weekend.

That magazine has issues. There are recipes and there are articles. It's a storybook and a cookbook and a travelogue. Way too much to consume (pun intended) in one sitting. I'd consider a subscription, but I'm afraid I'd never leave the house except to go to the grocery store.

Can't wait for the weekend - my shopping list is growing and my tastebuds are tingling.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

I miss you.

I Promised

I promised to tell this story HERE!

I went to my friend's house Saturday for my birthday. We've been friends since we were twelve. My daughter was visiting me. Her daughter was visiting her. The girls have known each other, well, since birth.

I, well, sometimes have history, that haunts me, well, for a long, long time.

My friend hands me three packages and I was instructed to open them in order. The first two were absolutely beautiful wooden cat puzzles. Two wonderful poses. Beautiful wood, cherry and oak, I think. Oiled, regal and smelled so wonderful. The third package was was also a puzzle, but the pieces were apart. I put the pieces on the floor and put the puzzle together. I did not figure out the "animal" until the last piece slipped into place. It was a side view of a man's happy anatomy.

It seems that when I was asked what my favorite animals were and I said "cats" and then laughing had said I probably should have said "men"....they listened to every syllable.

And as I was reminded, a lot of it began with the bathtub incident. I was set up I tell you, I was set up. But, but but...I'll save that for another day.

This is how I get myself into trouble....and the trouble with having friends that have known you so long is that you both can remember when "trouble" began.

And....a gigglefest ensued when I talked my friend's grandson out of his socks. He had cute little checkerboard socks (probably from Cars) and I had pleaded with him to let me have them since it was my birthday. He kept giggling and telling me Happy Birthday and "nooooooo". I, however, had the better "currency". I had BIRTHDAY CAKE.

When I said I'd trade birthday cake for his socks, in a split second his shoes were off and socks were flying at me. They fit too - pretty much anyway.

This year was another fabulous birthday year - my life only gets better and better. Gotta love being the PRINCESS. And the new princess accouterments are fabulous! I have it GOOD!

I Love Ads

And this one goes in my fuzzy book:

Jumping For Joy
Requires No Lessons


And then it hit me.

This is my place.

I belong here.

So...here I am.

While it's been a blast blogging in relative obscurity for the past month - my hideout is not my gossamer and my gossamer is me.

And without further ado...