Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Horoscope

Here are excerpts from

This all means it'll be an action-packed month. While everyone, of every sign, will feel the testing qualities of the eclipses, you seem to be in a better position than most, for both eclipses will be supportive to your Taurus sun. This is no small advantage. A great many planets will be stacked in Capricorn too, and those act as loving little relatives who want to see you get your best options and are protected.

The next eclipse, a solar eclipse on January 15 in Capricorn, will open your horizons and may have you traveling quite far to foreign countries. This is a lovely moment, meant to open your perspective and see life on a much broader scale.

The ninth house is where we feel a sense of adventure and delve into new areas in an enthusiastic way. It is the house where we study philosophy and/or religion. It is also where we meditate a bit about why we were set on this Earth and how we can direct our energies to best fulfill our destiny. You may find you enter a very thoughtful, reflective mode, where new thoughts begin to occur to you as quick flashes of insight that may later change your course. Whatever you decide to do, as a result of news or options that come up in the days or weeks that follow January 15, will work to benefit you - even if you aren't sure about that initially, when events begin to happen.

I do know this eclipse will be quite favorable to you, as you will have five planets supporting you in Capricorn, so "the force" should be with you.

Having said that, eclipses do bring a few twists and turns too that nobody expects. Stay on your toes and be ready to respond if necessary. As a rule, it is always best NOT to INITIATE at an eclipse time, but it is better to RESPOND. This advice would be true for just about any endeavor. Be the one to respond, not initiate, on an eclipse.

In terms of your career, you will do very well next month - it will be one of your key months of all of 2010 - but you will begin to create a buzz about your work from the day Venus, your ruler, enters your tenth house of fame and honors on January 18, continuing until February 10. You will be the golden one, the one that all the VIPs favor, and next month your reputation will grow.
Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in his final days of a rare visit to your tenth house of career fame and honors this month. If you feel you would like to present an idea to someone, schedule lunch or a casual meeting over drinks. Or, tweak a business plan to make it more attractive to investors, and present it again, but do it prior to January 17 for best luck.

After January 17, you can nurture your project and make it grow. The projects that will flourish the most will be those that you seeded in 2009 or in the first two weeks of 2010. Mercury will be retrograde from January 1 to 15, a condition that started December 26. This suggests that you need to go back to people you already saw or knew from your past, or that you need to refine your idea to conform to the feedback you already received. If you did redo your plan, you will be ready to roll.

I have saved the best for last. Jupiter, the great benefactor, will move into Pisces for the first time since 1998-early 1999. In Pisces, Jupiter will be in a better position to help you, for Pisces is a water sign that blends beautifully with your earth sign element.

Jupiter will fill your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, the place in the chart where we see the fulfillment of a desire that we have long held dear. It may be material or spiritual ("I want a house of my own," or "I want to find love," or "I want a baby.") Whatever that wish may be, you should take that dream seriously in 2010, for never have you been so close to seeing it realized.
You will also have extraordinary help from your friends in 2010. There is almost nothing you could ask your friends to do for you that they would not grant. Look to friends to provide you with your greatest personal growth in 2010.

You not only will bond more closely with friends in the coming year, but you will make many important new ones, too. It behooves you to mix and mingle more in 2010, and to even consider joining clubs and online communities. Many of the new friends you make in coming months will be with you ten years or more from now. When it comes to career advancement, finding love, or any other goal you may have, look to your friends, for they hold the key to finding success.

The good news is that you will have quite a bit of travel to look forward to in the New Year, not only in January but also in months ahead. The eclipses that are occurring now will bring unexpected opportunities to pack and go.

More important and far more intriguing developments will shape up just after the solar eclipse in Capricorn of January 15. You may soon travel overseas, or you may stay put but work on an international project, interacting with people based in foreign cities by email and phone.

The current eclipses will require that you remain unfettered so that you can move quickly to where you'll be needed, so just in case, try not to over pack your schedule.

Fortunately, the eclipses happening this month will help you, for they are falling in signs that blend beautifully with yours. The only drawback this month will be Saturn's position to Pluto, suggesting you will be frustrated by having too few team mates or subordinates available to help you get your job done - and the fact that you will have time pressures will only intensify your frustration. By being organized and changing the way you approach your assignments, you will get projects done, so there is no need to worry. Keep your health strong, for you will be busy all month and could run yourself down.

On January 17, Jupiter will enter your house of friends and groups, your new area of potential growth in months ahead. You will make the acquaintance of many new people now and your present friends will also play a much bigger role in your life. Consider joining a professional or social club now, as the rewards would exceed your expectations.

Jupiter in Pisces will also help you materialize a wish that is dear to your heart in 2010. This could be one of your best years you've seen in the last ten.

Taurus Dates to Note
A trip or opportunity abroad may come up quickly on the full moon eclipse January 1.

A very long trip, possibly overseas, may materialize as a result of the solar eclipse January 15.

If The House Was On Fire

If your house was on fire, what would you take?

I'm trying to determine what needs to go with me, using "the house is on fire measuring stick".

There's the first round of - get there with work items and then one additional suitcase. (The pack for work list is easy.) I'll come home pretty much empty handed. Then pack to ship plus refil the almost empty bag.

I don't know what I'll be allowed to ship. I don't know what I'll want to ship. I don't know what I need to ship. I don't know how big/small my flat will be. I don't know how much I'll be at home or working.

First round in the big suitcase. Webcam to chat with Nick and Ally McBeal and yoga DVDs because they seem the most important right now. I'll reload more videos when I come back next. Light hiking accessories. Simple cooking utensils. Wine bottle stopper.

Next round/ship - Backpack and sleeping bag. Serious boots. Pots and Pans. Etc.

There are so many things that I have, that I don't need. And there are things I have in triplicate that I don't want to buy again if it is, at all reasonable to ship.

What a fun puzzle to be having to do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sample Of My Life

Here's how my life goes.

Monday, co-worker from England stops by my office. We talk about his long distance bike rides in Europe, he asks me about my hiking trips here. We get around to office chat and he mentions he has opening.

Monday night I run said opening past my daughter. GOFORITMOM!

Tuesday I give co-worker not a resume, but a list of my qualifications and why I felt I could bring more to the table than just the opening that exists.

Wednesday I let my manager know that I think this would be fun, fun, fun and oh yes work and asks what she thinks about me "exploring it more". She's behind me because ultimately the role needs to be filled from someone from her group anyway.

Thursday I let my UK co-worker know I am pursuing his opening, if he's interested in me doing so.

Friday at 8:00 am I meet with my co-worker's manager.

This is how the interview goes...."Why do you want to do this?" "Because I want to retire in Europe and have been wracking my brain on how I could fund myself. This means I can do what I wanted to do 10 years from now, NOW! and still and again, do what I love." "It's yours."

and the when is probably in the next two weeks.

I will have a flat or cottage just outside of London. I will work in Scotland and then Whales.

I LOVE my life and the blessings that flow my way. I don't mind working hard. It has never failed me.

Blimey that was fast. Colour me happy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well it's been a hellava year since this week last year.

Although I pretty much "knew", this particular week last year, delivered positive proof that my best friend was dating my old love. It was a couple more weeks before she would tell me herself.

Not feeling like playing nice, nice in the sandbox and hanging with them like it didn't matter, I lost the better part of group of friends I'd called "family".

And around this time too, another almost-beau let me know he'd started dating someone new. I knew that one was coming, we'd talked about it before. They're still together. Doing pretty good, in fact. I have many warm memories of our time together. I still grin ear to ear when he checks in to see how I'm doing.

And it was cold.

The year started with those pains and wrapped up the unjoyfulness with Kelly's passing.

But, I made new friends. Great new friends. I traveled with strangers and made new adventures - more and bigger than if I had stayed in the status quo.

So while I'm not unforgiving and it was difficult being unaccepting. I trudged on. And now that the anniversary has come and gone, it is all simply another page of my life.

(insert turning page sound here)