Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Day!

And...we're live.
I had my cheer squad
I had my jeer squad
and a mere 3000 miles away
I have my dear squad of whom also is a member of the cheer squad.

And after working 34 out of the last 36 hours..

I'm calling it a day. (File that under "good" one).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open Heart Insert Life!

I commented to a friend awhile back about how amazingly light closure felt. Like a foot coming off your chest and being able to breathe again. Enough emotional release that your chin lifts just a little. And that rise allows your eyes take in the world. And an open heart allows one to inhale the world.

Tonight I was at the store buying chocolate for the ladies at work - they've been working hard in a very stressful situation and they deserve a treat - chocolate! I got the standard stuff and then I started seeing all this special dark chocolate - one with Madagascar vanilla, one that helped your complexion (really) and a raspberry one...pretty soon - my handbasket was full.

When the clerk reached for it to start checking me out, he did a double take and made me laugh so hard.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Day Has Come

Today was one of the most signifigant days of my life. It was two-fold in its importance.

I solved a problem for work today - the problem was growing. The solution came to me and worked. I can't adequately describe how it floated into my psyche - but I knew it needed to be given consideration. (And humbly I say, it's looking OK.)

This evening I was chatting with a friend. His day had not gone at all as well as mine...we both had the rocky middles and mine turned out OK. We quietly talked about his challenges for awhile - I knew they were far more emotionally signifigant and then he turned the conversation to my day. I shared my little idea and outcome.

He stayed with me on my success. He didn't dilute it. He didn't highjack it. He even closed out the evening with circling around to it again.

I don't think this day was at all about a business victory (although I'm very pleased - a lot of people worked really hard to get to this point - it would have been devastating to so many).

I think today, for me, was all about the message at the end of the day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Fabulous! Wonderful! Fun!

I'll see it again!
And again!
And again!
And again!

And I'll own it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost Done!

I'm counting the days until my project is done.
When I can return to my home
The opportunity has been wonderful - so very needed on so many levels.
I get to do my new job - finally!
And immerse myself in my new, wonderful adventure!
Very soon!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Bat Man

I went to the theater to see Mama Mia and found it was sold out (will I EVER see this show?)! So I saw The Dark Night.

I loved it.

And the Joker, played by Heath Ledger was the best ever.

Yes, I love my super heroes!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Egret Taking Flight

See if you can capture this vision in your mind: a bird's legs bend, then push back against the ground just before flight ensues. Runners tense just before their sprint. The last burst of speed before an airplane lifts off into air. (I still don't get how that works.) The heart that quickens and then spills its love into the universe.

There's that subtle withholding of air....anticipation, fear, faith.

Now imagine a snowy egret with its broad white wings and thin long legs. The beauty it displays as it soars.

Inhale the grace, absorb the peace, smell the air.

I am soaring.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I started to write this awhile back and only got "Breathing" written. It is actually even more pertinent now, than it was back then.

That simple.

The world is all starting to make perfect sense.


I picniced tonight.

I scooped up the leftovers from the fridge including the small amount of white wine I had left, grabbed my book and took off for a sit down dinner by the river. The sun was late day warm and soothing.

I didn't stay long, a half hour or so and just enjoyed a few minutes before I needed to get back to doing some work.

Now I'm looking out my window at the rising full moon. The mountains are grey blue, the sky lavender and the moon creamy white, full and rising. The beauty just does not stop here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Right Here, Right Now

I'm on my balcony. The sky is almost cloudless. The moon is nearly full. The darkness of the night has not yet fully descended on the view. The river and hills are still outlined by the retreating day.

The clouds that are present are streak across the sky. The moon is illuminating them against the sapphire blue. The reflection of the moon has created a golden rippled ripple across lake/river.

The breeze is a whisper, barely a touch. No heat and no chill.

I think it is one of the most romantic views I've ever experienced, just short of the full moon/sapphire night light on snow. That still takes the cake. But this is close, real close.

My Angels

I have angels. I know I do. They are sometimes precocious (don't know where they get that). Here's my week and my "wings' experience".

Sunday night my friend and I finalized our plans for Paris. Even got the miles transferred, vacations approved, etc. As soon as I hit "transfer" there was a pit in my stomach. Huh? The Spain boys were all waiting at various locales around Europe, blah, blah...DREAD! I called my friend back...WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME???

"Sleep on it", she said.

The next day she got a great email about a really fabulous France trip....but too pricey for the two of us this year. OK - what if we thought "local" this year? So we did. A city she hasn't been to, the coast, wine country, some seclusion, some friends, etc. - mini trips. Here's where it goes goofy...the order we planned it and the dates we discussed.

I note came from my sister in law - there's a showing and benefit in honor of my brother, the artist, at the same time we planned to go. So... we get to do all these things we love to do, stay with friends a little and go to places we've yacked about for a long time.

AND today I finished up arrangements with another friend to head back to Oregon for a little trip. Get to see her, meet My Artist, hopefully see my painting.

AND when I let the Spain boys know what wasn't going to happen this year I got this: "Well, the fact that you are postponing the trip is not a big deal. We want to hug you as soon as possible of course, but if that is delayed, the only thing you will get if we meet, is more and sronger hugs. So, it's up to you. I've got plenty of strong hugs in endless varieties, don't worry." And "Joop found the right words to point out the spirit it will be the right time - as long as we will met again!Looking forward for that moment " (No wonder I made it to the finish line with encouragement like that between here and there - TEAM TERI!)

My angels!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Ethan

While working on projects, at least in my case, the hotel team becomes family.

Case in point: I was sent some mail this week, however the sender forgot to note my name. The front desk opened the mail, recognized something on it, and gave it to me - knowing if it wasn't mine, I probably would know whose it was. And the note the front desk put with it was so sweet.

Second point and the topic. Ethan is the soon to be born little boy of one of my new "family" members. His little intestines and tummy stuff are outside of his body right now. They've just discovered it and not all the risks are identified. They do know he may not survive it. The great news is, the hospital in Spokane is the "regional center" for this type of ailment - so he's at the right place. Let's just hope for the other "right".

Please pray for him and his mommy and daddy, OK?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One More Time

As Sunday comes to a close, I need to make just one more pass at the progression of this week. It has to be the most changeling week on record.

And while Jules may never catch her breath again from laughing so hard, I'll try to keep my cool just a little while longer.

Joan of Arc

I love Joan of Arc.

I love the show "Joan of Arcadia".

I was watching an episode of the show's DVD's today.

I loved this conversation between Joan and God. Joan had an assignment and to that point in time all her efforts had been unsuccessful. God asked her "What are you going to do now? That's what I'm all about. Your next chance to do the right thing. Every new decision is another chance to do the right thing."

So true.

Genie Bottle

Walking is a wonderful therapist. It's funny how thoughts drift in and out and coalesce.

The genie bottle popped into my train of thought yesterday. When I get home, I must open it and free the contents. The symbolism is now irrelevant to anything. The memories will remain, but the life-ring meaning it was created to represent, is no longer needed, by either of us.

The spirits can be free. Its goal has been achieved, although not as either imagined it. The bottle needs to go. The stopper, no longer a binder of our dreams, still tells a story: a flame, cacophony, twists and turns, the final freeing updraft - it stays - there's so much to it.

The last two years (how quickly they have passed) have been probably the most upheavaled and life-changing of my life. My facination with this world and curiosity about where my life is taking me continues to swell like ocean waves.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhh Day

Today was the type of day that restores strength and lifts spirits.

I slept late (7:30 is late when you get up at o-dark-early), woke to a lovely cool, sunny morning and a heart-lifting email.

I walked downtown, sat at the lake and read for awhile, decided not to hike, shopped a little bit, buzzed some garage sales, took a different way home, grabbed a Schlotzskys (my favorite commercial sandwich), took a long nap and just "hung out".

I'm going to round out the night with a glass of wine and reading a book on my patio. Then I'm going to sleep some more.

MMMMmmmm. A wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pot Bellied ??

I’ve seen women with little sunbursts tattooed around their belly buttons, but never this. At the local “beach” was a young man (obviously over 18 RIGHT?) with a pot leaf tattooed around his navel.

Definitely pot-bellied :)

Iron Man

Oh my, oh my. I thought Edward Norton in the Incredible Hulk was going to be my summer steam. Move over big boy….Iron Man has sent my pulse a flying. Whew! Robert Downey Jr. has the most beautiful eyes. And his delivery of the role (any role) just takes my breath away. And while we’re at it, let’s just start dubbing Mr. Downey as Mr. Brawny from here on out.

Snug Harbor

Walking to work the last two days has brought this song to mind. It was written for me for a time much like now. And that is comforting. The cool, gentle morning breezes invite the free-flowing abstract thoughts to form. Breathe in, let it all flow out. The healing has begun.

Thong Man

There’s a local icon I was told about. An older guy, thong wearer, who likes to sunbathe on the Coeur d’Alene Lake beach. It is not an urban legend nor is it simply a tourist tale. I have seen it for myself folks.

I, however, was not the one at water’s edge, gutsy enough to snap a shot with the camera phone.

He’s a local celebrity – dubbed has being the true indication that summer has arrived in CDA. Google this: "coeur d'alene" "thong man".

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Artist

It is official. I have an artist!
I officially own a 10'x12' canvas that, for the moment, has nothing on it.
The canvas sits in a forest studio awaiting its future form and beauty.
In the meantime we collaborate.
Make no mistake, in this arena, I have no talent, only appreciation. I will leave the heavy lifting to the pro.
I really hope he laughed when I referred to it as "poster" today.
Here's what it looks like so far - isn't it just the greatest?

Almost Forgot!

We went to Yaks while I was in Seattle.

It was as good as it always had been. Nothing had changed about the restaurant. The food hadn't changed a bit. Exception: the to-go containers.

I haven't been there since Robert and I had gone (unless baby girl and I had ventured at some point and I've forgotten). How he tried to copy the taste of that restaurant and how he failed every time.

We talked about how we'd protect our leftovers, drawing skulls and crossbones and writing juvenile threats of danger, curses and attacks if a chopstickfull went "missing".

I let a tear or two escape and then realized this....

I didn't have to share my rice bowl.


OK, I know this "shift". I'm so familiar with it. There are things that align and movement that happens and when it does, I know. I feel it.

The air is charged, the potential ripe.

The word "prana" comes to mind. Yowser!

Heart open, arms raised!

Hello God - what do you have for me today?

Monday, July 07, 2008

For The Record


For the record. I did cry a little. Not to, to me, meant it didn't matter. And of course it does! I'm very happy for you. And I'm even more impressed that you told me yourself - that, my Sweetstuff, is what real men are made of. You pass with flying colors!

P.S.S. Don't be a butthead.

The End Is Near

I'm sure, after the most unusal week I've had...count 'em seven days...that the Earth is shifting on its axis.

Sapphire sky tonight - yessiree Bob.


Dawn's Early Light

While we're still chatting up the 4th of July - the light in the east as we were heading up the penninsula wasn't the city - yeah we'd ushered in the dawn.

Thanks Len-bone for a wonderful party. And yes, I'll be back next year.

P.S. The math is getting "up there" on this annual event.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heather's In The Kitchen

My daughter and I have cooked all day! She picked out three of my Oh-Oh recipes and we cooked. All things being better from the NW, her work is coming out better than mine. The tomatillos are fresher, the goat cheese lighter and the Beecher's was obtained at the SOURCE.

She's done a great job and made some fabulous recipes. Her first official foray into YUM!

I'm in heaven tasting her grub.


Yesterday, my daughter and I headed up to the Hoodsport area to hike. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. (Typical NW). But as it always seems to do it cleared when we got to our destination. 15 miles before we ALMOST turned around.

On the way we passed through one of the Indian Reservations and a local fireworks mecca. Powabunga, Pryomama, IllEagle, Temple of Boom. How fun is that?

Being the passenger, I got the benefit of the treesa and sometimewater view. Passing an opening in the never ending stands of trees was a low-tide beach and the biggest bald eagle I've ever seen, sitting there. We stopped the car and walked back, but he was gone. Drenched and wishing we had gotten a better view of him, he came flew back around and landed in a tree near us. And then another joined. When both took flight we got to see the full beauty of their majesty and size. (We'd seen on on the 4th of July too, from the ferry. As our seatmate put it - "how fitting".

Our hike was dry (absent of rain) and beautiful. The foilage and moss so prevlent and spectular. I miss hiking on needle, vegitated, non-dusty paths of the NW. The trees climb forever and it is always cool and restorative.

I found a beautiful piece of moss to send The Artist.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Do I Respond To That?

I'm at a users group conference this week. No it isn't a bunch of druggies extolling the virtues of some mind altering chemical. I'm in the software business and I'm communing with my peoples. I've been in this industry for 28 years now. And today I got some very sad news.

I introduced myself to a woman who had spoken earlier in the day. She was from the first newspaper I ever worked at. The first person I remembered and mentioned, she informed me had died suddenly, during the night a couple of years ago.

The woman had been the age I am now.