Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have really great friends!

This describes my friends so well.....

Near or far, I think about you all often and I am very thankful that our paths have crossed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Funnest Night

I just had a whole pile of work friends over for the evening. Rather improptu, most fun. I had just finished rearranging the family room. The room was formally my daughter's "living room". I had the furniture surrounding the fireplace, a coffee table in front of the arrangement. What a cozy place with fabulous company!

Friday, October 20, 2006


I do believe, barely, that this weekend will be a relaxing one. I have the house ready for the carpet cleaner, the refrigerator cleaned out, the fireplaces waiting, the dusting done. I'm ready for the entertaining I'm planning on doing in November, the traveling I have during the remainder of October. There are projects (and still cleaning out fo closets to do) after the holdiays.

My work this week ended, amazingly, on Friday. There are some people in new positions and the placements seems to be working. Things don't seem so hard. Like there's air to breathe again. I knew this year would be challenging and the effort seems to be paying off. My team too, has stretched and grown. It's an amazing gift to know these people and interact with them from day to day.

Other dynamics seem to be in motion too. There's a peacefulness settling in on friends. I'm anxious to see what this coming year holds for all of us.

And my daughter is coming home next weekend for a visit - yippee!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Morphing Teri

I have about six weeks before I head to Paris. My only concern so far is what shoes should I wear that will allow me to walk a hundred miles, but not look like an American. So different than a few years ago when I planned my first visit. Eh - it's a long flight. Plenty of time to figure it all out - right?

I'm entertaining a lot in November..... Wine Club, Empty Nest Party, Thanksgiving (my annual - whoever isn't leaving town and wants traditional but not-their-mother's dinner invite). All just seem such the natural order.

This isn't the Tear-Bear that I grew up with. In fact, until a few years ago - there wasn't even a Tear-Bear.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Learning to Quilt

My friend Jules quilts. She makes beautiful quilts for all her family members and made one for me too. (Blogged it). Recently, while I was at her house she showed me one she's started using the cathedral pattern. It is all hand stitched. ALL OF IT. Jules' looked like stained glass...bright colors encased in black.

My friend Randi knew of the pattern - she's doing one with a muslin background. She does a contrasting blanket stitch around her window panes.

I did this sample in brown - just from quilter quarters. The top center (left in picture) pieces show how it comes together - the tan center is loose and will have the edges pulled around it. The top space I've left open to show what the window panes are covering.

My first quilt is for my oldest daughter. It will have a maroon background.

I'm having fun working on it. The youngest daughter, who just moved out, calls me and tells me the tales of her new job. I sew and listen and understand how quilting became a part of our history and an artform.

Empty Next

Week three of empty nest.
1) Why do I keep typing empty next? Something subliminal there for sure. I don't feel the least bit complacent.
2) Why do I not have a spare second?
3) Perhaps because I get everything done for a change, the seconds just seem taken.
4) The house is coming along, the yard looks great!
5) I haven't blogged, I haven't hiked, I haven't sat on my duff. I hardly have time to e-chat any more.
6) My travel schedule is kicking up again :-) No complaints whatsoever about that.
7) I'm investing time back into work again - great things are happening. ;-)
8) Using a term a friend recently used....I'm in a "happy place".

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Weekend

My first full empty nest weekend. Amazing! The entire yard is done, front and back - and the lawn is mowed (sorry neighbors - I had to do it on Sunday). The fireplace is clean. Wood is in the house. (OK winter - I'm ready). My projects and reports for work are caught up.

I bought the material for Heather's quilt. Now I just need to get the pieces cut. I was going to do that today - but I didn't get around to it.

My daughter called both yesterday and today, not too early in the morning, but early enough that one day I had still been asleep and another that I was just starting to move around. I've talked to my other daughter too. Nice. Perfect.

Tonight I'm going to do the rarest feat of all my world. Sit and watch TV. Imagine that.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Amish Children

The news today of the slaying of the Amish schoolchildren breaks my heart. It pains me more than mainstream violence of the same nature. The additional, abhorrence, I think is because "our" violence was forced upon a group who by every fiber of their daily existence, are a kind and loving people. Every minute of their life is lived in peace and their footprint on this planet causes no harm to the earth or to mankind. For this reason I deeply regret the injustice and violence injected unto their community.

God help us all!

On Being Teri

I love my life! I love today. I appreciate the yesterday's that got me here. And best of all - tomorrow holds the mystery of so many wonderful things. I love my life!