Wednesday, December 31, 2008


What a great year! No health, financial, automotive or boy issues. Lots of travel and yoga, lots of fun, lots of beauty, lots of new faces and lots of lost connections found. Much great cooking and beautiful art. Lots of discovery and general all around satisfaction with life.

How wonderful is that?

Peace, love, health and goodwill to all I know and those I have yet to meet! Namaste!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Somewhere In Cyberspace

Earlier this year I was Googling and found an entry that a friend of mine had made. He said when a husband/partner tells you, you are beautiful - believe it. (I can't find the post now to share the exact words.) That perspective, no matter how your physical make up shows itself to you, the mirror, or the public at large, is how he/she sees you in their eyes and heart and that in itself is great. Own it, bask in it. Trust it. (I have such cool friends!)

I received this gift on Christmas day. What a simple and profound Christmas gift to receive. Thank you.

And my dear little grandson - when you tell me the same - it has the same impact. Thank you too!

I Was Busy In The Kitchen This Week

Check it out!

Oh-Oh Teri's In The Kitchen!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It Just Gets More Interestinger

I would not have guessed in a million years that that last few days would have been the way they have been.

Not bad. OK? Not bad at all.

I have had moments of tears rolling down my face. Amazed while taking in all I have, where I am in my life and all its little sweet surprises. There's so much beauty in my life. I am surrounded by love.

It's very overwheming at times to be me. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Perfect Day

A perfect day.

I was given many cooking related gifts this year and it was so much fun trying everything out today. Kind of like a kid with new toys.

Breakfast was biscuits and gravy. For dinner we had gingersnap potroast with dumplings, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Yummy.

From one cookbook I made eggnog cookies and chocolate mousse in white chocolate "cups". Decadent!

Found out we have a mouse in the house who favors butterscotch morsels and coconut over nuts and grains.

Calls and emails from friends and family (including my dear Camino friends). We web-cammed my oldest daughter in for Christmas morning - it was like we were all here together.

Kidlet hugs and kisses.

And a very unexpected, pleasant surprise.

Snow. My daughter and I stood outside tonight....watching the snow fall, not wanting the day to end.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Worked From Home

I worked from home today. Part of the day was looking up at the cars, wheels locked, drivers wide-eyed, sliding down the hill to the other hill to slide down it.

(It is only in winter that I realize I live at the top of several hills.)

I was working on adding the lists and their descriptions of scripts we have to our wiki. I got a lot done and learned a lot in the process.

Funny, how quickly the day can pass, sitting in a comfy chair and computing away!

Thank You Sears!

Thank you Eileen for your kind words today. Thank you for letting me know the parts orders don't have tracking and that you and Chris will be there next week to see it through. Thank you too, so very much, for telling me to use the oven I have to my heart's content until this is all resolved. I truly do appreciate the efforts you are all doing to make this right!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008



While my friends and family in the NW have been shoveling the white stuff a lot the past few days we've had little snows (still known as school closures in the NW) just about every other day for the last week. W

We haven't had any snow until it started last week. And well today is proving to be a mother. Wendy shoveled a couple of inches before she went to work today. I've shoveled eight and then another two.

We have a 4-car driveway (not counting the carport) and a decent lot in front. And I'm the neighborhood snow fairy. So I've done mine and my neighbors' a couple of times.

Thank goodness for the mighty Miata. Earlier today it took six-eight inches of snow like a trooper. Up and over, in and through. Not one hint of stuckyiness or sliding. I worry a lot with just a little snow or ice because a good gust of wind on ice can have me changing lanes against my will. But give it a pile of fresh snow (or sand as this fall gave it) and it is all over it!

And the kidlets just got home safe and sound!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blissful Closes

Winter offers a unique perspective to me. As some see it as the death of Summer or Fall, I see it as the beginning of Spring. Winter is the shortest day of the year. The darkest day that exists. Everything after that begins new. New light, promised warmth, blossoms on the flowers.

As Winter approaches and signals the end of another year I'm pausing to reflect on the gifts bestowed upon me these past twelve months. How fortunate I am in all that surronds me be it events or people!

I have many friends. Not just "letsdolunch" friends. FRIENDS. Friends here, friends from where I've been, friends from when I was twelve, new friends, friends who are lighting the way to where I'm going. I am blessed with many who love me. They are all unique. They all bring different gifts to my life banquet.

I have my travels. Oh how this little girl from a northern Colorado cow town has spread her wings! The places I have been, the things I've done, the people I'm gifted to see year after year! The plans I have for this coming year offer more adventures and sweet opportunities to draw out the Teri that is still coming into her full being!

My family. I do not use this word lightly. There are many from the core that don't understand and don't seem to care. Where I soar above most, is that my extended family warmly surrounds me and keeps me emotionally safe and prospering. To all my family - whether bred from genes or love - THANK YOU! Your contribution to who I am is invaluable and adored!

I am so very grateful for my continued discovery of my physical abilities. Who wudda thunk it? It is wonderful to be able to do my yoga, walk, hike, explore this beautiful planet without limits.

And to my faith and yoga practice: Namaste! You can and do exist together in perfect union - thank you!

Hello Winter.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I struggled today with a decision.

I could do something nice, that might or might not matter to you.

If I don't do it - it doesn't qualify for not nice and you would never know if the thought existed or didn't.

The key to the choice is whether I choose to digress, be rejected, entertain going down that slippery slope again, or maintain the status quo.

Status quo is progress and I'm going to stick to it.

I think.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Adventure

With the help of my beloved sister-in-law, Barbara, I'm off on a new adventure....collage!
I've completed one.... (look left). Collect your own thoughts about what you see and then look below to see mine...that's what art is all about.

My next one is started. It is emotionally complex. I need to "journal" some things I am familiar with before I get into the full "artistic" gift of simple/complex creation.

One thing that I have going for me in embarking on this voyage...I have Barbara, Audrey, Janice, Diane, Karen, my mother-in-law (Mom), Laura and MyArtist to mentor me. Many will never know nor understand how much they already have.

Simple message: Christmas wishes of the recipients...might be love, gifts, travel, jewelery, birth/rebirth, world peace or the great outdoors. - all things I love.

Artistic message: Do you see the Nativity playing out here? Jesus (baby, love and peace/dove), tent (manger), tree topper (northern star), wise men (travel, gifts and bling) and then there's Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) and wishes (prayers).

And you just thought it was scissors and glue.

Apparently Not

I talked to the lady at Sears yesterday.....I left in tears. I have to say though, the Sears team is the most kind and professional group to work but I'm not happy with the results, but this has to end NOW!

The ELECTRIC dented oven at the store will be repaired (it's just the door) and the moulding around the top fixed (I did not agree to the "that won't show on the top" it's the top left corner and WILL look like crap and allow stuff to fall through into the cabinet). This is nice - it is a nice oven set and I would have bought it except for the dent.

What I'm NOT HAPPY about is they will still only pay for half of the gas. And I have to pay MORE for the warranty on this one. So because of all of the screw-ups and delays I'm out about $300 additional dollars.

But what really pisses me off is that the gas work can't be put on my credit card to stretch it out (12 months no interest) - the "half" is going to be taken off as a credit on my account. So I'm out $600 CASH at Christmas.

The other alternative is they refund me for everything and we walk away - that won't work because the gas would be my problem altogether and I would be out the whole $600.

As I did the math, tears started rolling down my face. I finally just said "uncle" and left.

In the meantime, I'm cooking for a dinner party, the holidays, etc. in a single 24" wide oven. I would have liked to have kept the one I have "pristine" for the future buyers. But cooking in this one while I have possession of it, given all the circumstances is kinda like a guy deciding to pee on something just out of spite.

"Tee hee".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will The Insanity EVER End!

Stove top works - check!
Try the oven: Top control - check!
Bottom control - what bottom control?
Start top oven, bottom oven heats with a huge exposed flame.
Still mildly irritated that that there's a six inch gap at the top of the ovens that didn't exist in the old one. More money. Wait - not happy with both ovens having to work at the same temperature and the exposed flame. Exposed flame. Exposed flame - what's wrong with this picture?

Drive to store for a "chat".

Remember...I purchased a double oven - electric? was really a gas oven?

Guess what? I didn't even get a double GAS oven....I got a little bitty top oven (common with wall ovens) and a nifty BROILER for the bottom - hence the open flame.

Now I have even LESS oven space and a fancy pepper roaster.


And I was beginning to think I was a twit - until the store personnel were as baffled as I was - all of them....until they called Maytag. NO ONE makes 24" double GAS ovens.

Sears is working very hard to make this right for me...I'll probably know some more tomorrow. I'm not sure I want to know what I'll know tomorrow - but until then.....

Several good things came out of today...the installers found a probem with the valve on my water heater and fixed it for a song (which explained why my current gas bill, that I received TODAY had skyrocketed). I found a new handyman out of it all: gas, electrical, plumbing, some cabinetry.


That Sears truly is devastated this is all happening and working very hard to make it right with me.


Tune in tomorrow.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Appliance Saga Continues

I worked from home this afternoon so I would be available for the appliance guy. No show. Another day another micro wave to you all!

Holiday Cheer

This is the electronic greeting card my company created for me.
and when it sent it to my Mother-In-Law (my "Mom") I got this back.

"Hey - this is really great. Makes me proud to call you "daughter" - Love you much. "
Some days it just pays to get out of bed.
BTW where is that dad gummed appliance guy?

How We Can Fix The Economy

Long, but worth the listen....

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Teri Zen

Tonight I had such a wonderful yoga session. I am one pose away from where I was when I sorta dropped out while back. (Note to self - do not let boys distract you from your yoga practice!).
Here's the one I should accomplish in the next week or so - Wheel Pose / Urdhva Dhanurasana:

Here's my favorite - Triangle Pose / Trikonasana:

Here's the one that I never know if Karma/Dharma is going to let me enjoy or torture me for three or so minutes. When I pour into it - I'm in heaven - Pigeon Pose / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana:

(And if you think it is a slam dunk - give it a shot.)

After I got home I plopped my derrière on a pillow in the loft (facing the painting of course) and mediated. I didn't even wiggle. Destiny wanted loves though so he settled in my lap and we just meditated. So nice.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I Asked Myself A Question

I love walking. When I walk (not so much when I'm hiking because I tend to hurt myself) I muse and let thoughts float in and out of my psyche. Some days it can be sad - I come to a lot of decisions and changes of directions, walk into a resolve, most most are just little visions, hopes, dreams, giggles and sometimes something deep that calls me to explore or even dwell into something that needs my attention.

This weekend was an "explore to dwell".

Why and by whom (Whom?) was I called to the Camino?

It started as passing time in a bookstore, to a passage in a book, to the thought of it being interesting, to how might I, to working towards that end and actually doing it. Why? Really WHY? Now what? I can't believe two years worth of work (divine effort) simply ended on September 25, 2007.

Others seem to be haunted/consumed by the same question.

Did GOD direct me? Did St. James summon me? Are they in cahoots? Mary's in all of this somewhere, I know it. Roses, roses, everywhere. And why since does my Catholic faith NOT seem all- important and other faiths information has floated into my line of vision? I still embrace my faith and am starting to approach it again (differently). I'm not lacking in faith - in face it is all consuming and stronger than ever - religion has changed. Now what? NOW WHAT?

What is my role? What am I missing? Right now the only answer I have is this.....a favorite hymn of mine written and performed by Dan Schutte: "Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart."

(And not five minutes after I posted ths blog - I was asked if I would like to visit a new Mormon temple with a co-worker and his family. He promised I wasn't a "project". See what I mean....there's something bigger here and I'm intrigued.)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Every Night

Friday Night, Bryan Adams

I've been around,
I've seen some things
I drank champaigne by the Seine
And I know 'bout the pleasure it brings
I've been around the world but that ain't enough
'Cause you've gotta be with someone special'
Cause being alone is kind of tough

(Chorus):When it's Friday night in London City
From Leicster Square right down to Chelsea
There's parties happening everywhere
But it don't feel the same without you
Everything would be so easy
If you could be right here with me
Don't wanna be all by myself
At 12 o'clock on Friday night in London

I've been here and there
I've been everywhere
I've seen everything that's to see
But it's true that it never compares
To being at home, as long as you're not alone
'Cause you've gotta be with someone special
Instead of being on your own


I've been 'round the world but that ain't enough
'Cause you've gotta be with someone special
Instead of being on your own
And all you need is a little love


Where the hell do I find love
At 12 o'clock on Friday night in Orem?

Friday, December 05, 2008

It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

I am continually amazed at how things "right" themselves 99.99% of the time. I only have to throw the thought out to the universe (prayer, meditation, hope, trust, blog) and everything just stops rocking and rolling and hurting and toiling. I so love this world, my world, and the people in it.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tonight I feel I passed a threshold. It was time and I was calm, peaceful. Maybe a little excited as I put the finishing touches on the completion of my first new project.

Funny but everyone seems to be all hinky about it...I'm not. I'm contented. And that is what really counts. Right?

However, I tripped over my computer cord while trying to answer the phone....the person scheduling the rest of the install in my stove/ovens. Can you say Wednesday? Well, my goal of cleaning out the freezer and using up the leftovers during December is going to come true.

Microwaving for a week - that's so not like me any more.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

It probably is.

That fantastic oven that I bought - is gas. My former one, which was dismantled at the curb when the difference was discovered, was electric. Is there a 24" double electric oven in the state (from Sears Outlet), yes...the one with the big dent in the front. Like Wendy says..."it's no fun to have a dent if you didn't earn it!"

Running a gas line will be, oh, $500. Oh and he can do it, but not for a few days.

Now how did I get myself into this pickle? The stoves rang up as gas originally and I told them then I couldn't get it. The guy was like - "I don't think it is, must be a problem with the ticket. He strolled over, took a look and said it wasn't gas." So I may be a chick trying to buy built in appliances without a clue, but....that one wasn't my fault".

And the cook top didn't heat up either.

So I have a big gaping hole in my kitchen wall, two ovens that I can't use, tucked in the corner, a cooktop that won't heat up and an additional $500 that I have to pony up in a few days (I had 12 months same as cash on the others).

Fortunately - the installer is sweet as pie and sorry as hell and a retailer that is trying really hard to make it up to me...but gee golly.....this is really NOT how I planned this!

Monday, December 01, 2008


Tonight I did one thing. I did it all evening long. It was new on this scale. I've dabbled in it with my fuzzy book and only two know of that (three when I send it off in the mail tomorrow). I nailed it too. It took awhile.

Of the two that already know -

I hope I'm on to something. It would mean this year has shown it's purpose. Just in time too, I'd say.

Love you Teri.

Alright Already!

Too many, too much is trying to occupy my head and heart right now. Every soul in the world is vying for their place at the front of the line. I'm thinking about you all - OK? I'm trying to juggle you all in there, touch you all, make contact, let you know I haven't forgotten. I haven't forgotten.

I need attention too!

And about remembering my I remember why it don't care if I don't remember - they are always about dead people or former people in my life. I can't bear it - I can't stand to wake up sobbing.

Where's the TAKE line (OK maybe just the RECEIVE line) I want to stand it in for awhile.