Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Another's Desperation Is Your Agravation

My heart is grieving. Just from the sheer existence  of the comments I've heard lately.

My county, Essex, is having a rash of jumpers onto train tracks. The suicides are wreaking havoc with the schedules and people are angry at the disruptions to their commutes/travel plans.

Those people who died were so desperate they chose a painful and disheartening way to end their lives. Their families, friends and co-workers are left with more questions than answers and are grieving with every fibre of their being. People like me, who weren't  affected, other than by the stories, are hurting in their hearts.

Blessings to those who have felt so sad and worthless. Blessings to those who are left behind. And most of all blessings to those who need it the most, those with the hardened hearts.

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