Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not As Quiet As It Might Seem

Apologies to any of you who might be followers of this blog. I've not fallen off the face of the Earth nor fallen into a rut so many people believe to be common with the British. (They are the most active and scheduled people I know!)

Quite the contrary actually.

I'm settled into my kitchen and the tools and gadgets I've either brought, are available or that I've chosen not to repurchase on this side of the pond. I began a "diet" a couple of months ago that has me wishing I had some rope to keep by breeches up. (I'll tell more about that later.) I look forward to market day in Brentwood or seek them out in other towns. I've joined a hiking group and walk weekly with them. This has me trundling all over the English countryside. I have a Parish nearby and am enjoying the weekly attendance and I've reconnected with my all time love of Jazzercise. And then there is my job. New application, challenging work, lots of work involved.

As for the "diet". I'm eating healthier and more food than I ever have. Not a single "artificial" anything and only a couple low fat items (Greek yogurt and a balsamic salad dressing). I'm taking in all the fruits, veg, grains (bread, crisps, blah, blah) and dairy that my tum can hold. Who knew?!?

Today is a rainy Saturday and I think a nap is soon to hit the top of my list.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Precious Day

I think I knew. I knew that it would come together.

I had planned to go to the British Museum today to see the Book of the Dead. But it seemed like too much effort. So I went to Romford instead. I intended to check out the shopping center.

Instead I found a HUGE street market. Perfect for my mood. I bought most of the groceries on my list from vendors. I wandered the street and stalls and had the best jacket potato ever. I found freshly picked rhubarb and a butcher shop with lamb meat all cubed and eady to go. It's Persian lamb and rhubarb stew for dinner tonight. A perfect welcome to Spring.

I slept with my window open last night. I opened the windows and doors today. Cool, but doable and the fresh air is a treat.

Tomorrow I go to London for my hike. Just enough.