Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindly Pocket It Sir

What is it with guys and their "members"? In the last month, I have seen enough "parts" to write a book...OK just a blog.

1) On a conference call, in the conference room at work. Guy howling outside (apparently out of relief). Finally look out the window and a man is relieving himself on our dumpster. Missed the opportunity to bang on the window and let him wet himself. He was less than a block from a public toilet.

2) On couch heading to Lourdes. Pulled into a to pit stop and there's a guy, watering the grass. Back to road, but wide open space, proper loo about 50 feet away behind him. 41 people cheered him on.

3) Sitting at an outdoor restraunt two days ago. Two guys are on the bank of the river with their bottles of booze. Man stands behind rock, back to river, front to me. Thank goodness for the rock.

4) Walking in the countryside, not totally alone as I've met several others along the way. Walk up on a guy again. Not in the trees, just at the side of the path. Embarrassed him. And on second thought think he wasn't just doing a wee.

And there was the time I was hiking with my daughter's boyfriend and he decided to just stop and go. Hello....? Fortunately daughter did NOT think that was a wise move on his part. Can you say H-I-S-T-O-R-Y?

Grown men can wait. We ask little tots to do so. And if you must, because you do have the "gear" to allow an easy outdoor "exit", pop your butt out of the way. You're way more enamoured with it than I am.

And not to be sexist.....the "comedy" act "Busting Out"...dud to the nth degree. I really don't need to see tit tricks done by 50 year old women's exposed boobs on stage for two hours. Totally unimpressed.


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