Saturday, September 01, 2012

September, My Friend

Ahh, September, here you come around again. My window to the world. How I look forward to the gifts you have historically bestowed on me. What delights are in store this year?

Five years ago today I landed in France, ready to begin my Camino. I still think of it every day. I walked a part of it again a little over a year ago. Next year, my Daughter and Grandson will join me. Joy!

Year two of my visa was completed yesterday - today the third year begins. What a wonderful adventure I've had here in the UK. I thank the Lord every day for having been blessed with this opportunity.

And today is D's Birthday. I have celebrated this for 28 years. As ever, near or far, my wishes of happiness and good cheer go out. This year I'm doubly blessed.

Ahh the things ahead look fine indeed. The surprises I await.

I love you life! I love this date! It is my centre of gravity!

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