Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tucked Way Way Away

Part of my puttering today involved digging in boxes. I had put them away after I moved here, but couldn't remember what exactly was in them. I found a card that I bought a long time ago with the intention of giving it to someone that I was spending time with, but wasn't actually dating. We'd become close. The words, as you will see, are deep. At the time, the inside was the original point and the front just struck me. I meant it half as "friend love" and half was "ah hello -- Mr. Oblivious". I never gave the card because I chickend out thinking I would freak out Mr. Oblivious. But I've held on to it. I find it every now and again. Maybe someday I'll find someone that will fully fit the card.

The front: My love for you knows no bounds. It is as endless as the universe, transcending even the very confines of time itself.
The inside: There. Top that!

Treo Toys

This is the coolest thing ever. I only wish I wanted to spend the nearly $200 they want for it. I'm not saying it isn't worth it (it is SO cool).

Just shaking my head on the cool factor.

It's All About Me

I've prepped for two days to hike and haven't pulled it off this weekend. I'm exhausted. So I figure I need to just "nap" my way through this weekend. Sometimes stopping is what one is supposed to do. I hiked twice last weekend so my average one hike per week is still in tact.

I've been puttering around the house, a little in the yard. I've been looking for apps for my Treo on line. Resting, restoring.

I don't normally follow my horoscope - but I stumbled across this today and it is very descriptive of me. Some aready know this about me, some don't. "You make it look so easy, but what others don't realize is how much agility, ability and flexibility it takes to scale to these heights. Your decision to consistently deliver something extra has really paid off. "

So today I will care for myself.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stewart Falls

This hike was recommended to me by a friend last year. I attempted to do it from Sundance then, but it was too early in the season and the trail still had a good deal of snow on it. This year I approached it a couple of months later and from the Aspen Grove route.

One of my friends says, "Utah is the worst state for trailhead markers". This trail was no exception. The first trail marker was half way to the destination. Fortunately there was a nice Park Ranger in the lot when I headed out and he pointed out the trailhead.

This was a nice 5-6 mile round trip hike. (Yes!! I did 18 miles this weekend).

The trail was forested and had great mountain peak views. The waterfalls were spectacular. The stream was shallow enough that I could get close to the falls (short of taking a full on shower) and enjoy the coolness of the spray.

This picture doesn't do it justice. I had to go down stream quite a ways to take in the whole view. Standing right next to the spray at the very bottom (there are people in the picture) was so refreshing and the vegetation behind and to the side of the falls was very, very lush. The sky was electric blue. I could only get a teeny patch in the picture or lose the bottom of the falls.

It was a busy day at the Falls - Pioneer Day. I saw probably 30 people up there.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wardworth Trail

Let's see - if it isn't a workday it must be a trailday.

Wardworth Trail in Hobble Creek Canyon was our destination yesterday. Pat, Julie (shown left) and I started later in the morning. It was a warm hike, but, I think it was still cooler than the 99 degree temperatures the rest of Happy Valley was enduring (later climbing to 106).

This trail had the most forested area that I've hiked in Utah. We followed Hobble Creek upwards with moderate elevation gains. We did about 12 miles total.

I can't locate a decent Web description to share - I'll just share the trail head marker. We made it to the Dry Canyon cut off in about and hour. About another 2.5-3 miles after that we found a shady clearing to stop and eat.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kids Say The Darnest Things

Two comments from my grandson that CANNOT go unblogged.

First Story. My grandson got his kindergarten shots today. Four of them. The nurses double team the kids to get it over quickly. His mom explained what was about to go down. "Will it make me stronger"? "Yes, it they will keep you strong and healthy". OK. Round one. No reaction. The nurses are surprised. Two down, two to go. Round two. "DAMN IT" "that hurt!". (Emphasis on "damn" and emphasis on "it"). That comment is so my mother :-)

Second story. My daughter and grandson live with me. I travel for my work. I'm often gone a week at at time and I take a shuttle to the airport so my car stays at home. I came home late at night from one recent trip and went in to the office early the next day. That next morning he looked out the window and exclaimed: "Look! Grandma's home - her car is gone!"

We put the FUN in dysFUNctional!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Letter

The letter my daughter has been waiting for came today. She's on her way home from her trip. It is just sitting there. Taunting me. I callled her - ARE YOU HERE YET? Are you almost here yet? She's a few hours out.

This is it - door #1 to her dreams.

I can't wait!

I hope it is what she hopes it is.

My baby!

UPDATE: It isn't the offer letter we're hoping for - but it was the next step. Almost there sweetie!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dear Robert,

This has been a wonderful month in one regard - I've seen all the girls. And very sad in another.

E. is having a baby in a few weeks and I went to her baby shower this weekend. She has a wonderful husband. I wish so much that you two had known each other.

L. is pregnant and glowing. I took the most beautiful picture of her at the shower. J is the sweetest thing. L and C have been married for a long time now.

HM's family is beautiful. A1 is a spitting image of her mother. A(boy) is tall and handsome and has the most beautiful smile. I love him dearly. A2 is just a bundle of joy.

HC is planning on going school for interior design. I got to hike with her earlier this month. We've taken several trips together this past year. I enjoy traveling with her.

W graduated college this spring, all on scholarships. It looks like she's going to be selected for a counseling job with state Corrections. A big step on the way to her long-term goal. They will pay for her Masters. N is so beautiful - I'm going to miss him something awful when he moves away with his mom. He laughs at "Home Alone" just like you did.

Robert, you'd be so proud of all of them. They're beautiful women. I love them all so very, very much.

Your sister K is sprouting wings like me. She's got a new position that will "travel her".

Mom looks good - she misses you and Dad something terrible.

I stayed at Brian & Julie's this weekend. Honey. their baby Jacob died while being born last week. Please find him up There and watch over him OK? He was only 20 weeks along. Julie showed me his tiny footprints. I just don't know what to say to them. I thought all the way home tonight - how you would have known just what to say or do. I finally cried on the way home (the top was down on the car and my tears dried like sprinkles on a windshield). I'm sobbing now - finally. I've only had little trickles all week long. My best friend is aching terribly and THERE'S NOTHING I CAN F%#*&*$ DO ABOUT IT!

Julie's mom was there - we all talked about you a little bit.
Same with Lenny's in Seattle
Same with at Mom's
Same with at the shower - except, being that the shower was for E - most people, other than your family. didn't know me. I ended up being discussed as"Bob's third wife". I finally changed my name tag to that. I was elated that E asked me to be a part of it and as I told her later - "it is what it is".
The girls all, always talk about our parenting. I love the stories they remember.

You're in our hearts and on our minds. I don't know if you know it for sure - but you are. This song reminds me of you - always.

Even now
When there’s someone else who cares
When there’s someone home who’s waiting just for me
Even now I think about you as I’m climbing up the stairs
And I wonder what to do so he won’t see
That even now
When I know it wasn’t right
And I found a better life than what we had
Even now I wakeup crying in the middle of the night
And I can’t believe it still could hurt so bad
Even now when I have come so far
I wonder where you are
I wonder why it’s still so hard without you
Even now when I come shining through
I swear I think of you
And how I wish you knew
Even now
Even now
When I never hear your name
And the world has changed so much since you been gone
Even now I still remember and the feeling’s still the same
And the pain inside of me goes on and on
Even now
Even now when I have come so far I wonder where you are
I wonder why it’s still so hard without you
Even now when I come shining through I swear I think of you
And God I wish you knew
Some how
Even now

And me - I have a very loving, caring circle of friends. As usual I have a supportive and wonderful managment team to work with/for. I have the neatest job on the planet. I've made friends - both in person and online. Pat is here too - he's a good rock to lean on when I need to reminisce about days gone by and he takes me hiking. Your family keeps me as one of their own.
I just wanted you to know we've been thinking about you and we miss you.

Love, Teri

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Grass Is Greener...

...At the neighbor's. I live in a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood. My lawn is yellowed in spots. I've been summoned to meet with the HOA board to discuss a restoration agreement of some type.

Postive Notes:
My paint is not peeling
My garbage cans (garbage, recycle, green recycle) are all tucked away from sight
I have two very nice cars in the carport and nothing propped up on cinderblocks
I have flowers in the flowerbed

Negative Notes:
I live in the desert
I travel for my work
My sprinklers aren't on a timer and are broken
Watering the lawn isn't not on my top 10 things of priorities in life
I will spend more time manicuring my lawn (more so than my toes and nails - which I don't pamper either) but it will be on Sunday, when I have, in the past avoided power tools and outside work out of respect of the neighborhood's beliefs.
I will stay up later and get up earlier so I can water better. It is a balance between city ordinances and proper water conservation and my professional and famial responsibilities.
I will paste the "Utah" smile upon my face and bucky up to the "rules".

By the way - my top 10 priorities in life:
My kids, my grandkids, my faith, helping someone else, exercise, my friends, my job, etc., etc., etc. Even etc. does not include whether my lawn or anybody else's is dry. Things like food on the table and a happy heart take presidence in my book.

I'd love to have an automatic sprinkler system and have tried to obtain quotes to do so. Apparently my lawn is not on the top 10 list of contractors either. I'd love to have a personal gardener too (think Desperate Housewives :-)

Living in a very LDS neighborhood, I'm perplexed on two levels. One: why the focus on the so very generic cosmetics? I don't think President Hinkley would think these activities are constructive or productive. Why do I not see any volunteerism on the group's part to assist those not fortunate enough to reside in our "hood" that have no lawns, no cooling system, windows that are in need of insulation or reapair? I know my Priest would be kicking me out of the communion line for being so blind and ill-focused. And two: Well, I guess, I just don't understand since all the interior and exterior and career and family responsibilities fall on me, the single mother/professional, why this natty little detail has to have so much focus.

Life is so much more than a yellow lawn.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Washed The Car

Now everyone, please, leave me alone until September. OK?

Squaw Peak - Sort Of

We didn't exactly have directions to get to Squaw Peak. We finally just stopped at what appeared to be a "trail head" and started "up. From what descriptions and pictures I found later, I know we still didn't find the real deal, but what we did find was a perfect, hike with full valley views.

I love hiking with Pat. We hike at the same pace, we complain about the same stuff, we "oh God!" about the same incredible views, we take tons of pictures and we tucker out at the same time. One can't beat that.

These pictures are from the trail which overlooks Utah County. The first picture looks over a gorgeous mountain valley and the lower one over Happy Valley. We could see our respective residences and all the local landmarks: The Provo Temple, BYU, Utah Lake, Mount Nebo.

And..... the receding snow fields of Mt. Timpanogos. Tick Tock.

I won't be able to hike next weekend :( But, we have customers in town for the next two weeks and they are avid hikers. We plan to take them back to this spot, do the "Y" and probably another one or two. And there will be a couple of BBQs. (Our customers are like family.)

The weekend after next we have another hike planned too - probably somewhere on the Nebo Loop. The perfect summer!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


As usual the fireworks were spectacular and were better than the last time. I'm finding there are events and people in my life that are so intertwined, that any piece, disconnected from the other, might break the fragile ecosystem within my soul.

My precious daughter - my continued lure to the Northwest, my hiking partner, the friendship we've forged now that I no longer need to "momma" her.

My dear, dear friend, Lenny, who, with his every word and action endears me to him more. It is beautiful to see him find peace in his work and his soul. He's like a piece of fine wood. As the surface and edges wear, the grain and finish become more defined and the Artist's vison emerges.

I met a wonderful musician who, just for knowing her, without listening to any of her work, I know I like it. She is lyrical without a song or instrument.

The party was fun, as usual. I finally had to leave to go back to Kitsap County, catch an hour cat nap and then my shuttle to the airport.

I did miles upon miles of hiking this weekend - probably 20 or so in all. I spent time with family and friends. I picniced and partied. I didn't sleep. I'm loved. I'm restored.

The fireworks photos are taken and pubished by the Seattle Times.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Road to Nowhere

My daughter and I decided to explore the area around her home this morning. We found a road in the back woods and followed it.

The huge "woof" "woof" "woof" scared us. We just about turn tail and ran thinking there was a dog in the woods. Nope it was a HUGE owl. They don't hoot they bark. He flew a few rounds over us, landing long enough for us to admire his largeness and then went back into his secret garden again.

Urban forests just do not exist in Utah.

Seattle Sunshine

It's true!!! My trip to Seattle was cloaked in morning fog and then burned off into the spectacular summer days I fondly remember. The mornings here though have been sooo cold. (Not complaining).

I took the ferry from Kitsap County. I loved commuting on the ferry when I worked back in Seattle after having moved to the penninsula.

I spent some time at the Pike Place Market and then walked up the hill to Capitol Hill (the "don't do this at home" street). From "the Ave" I walked up to my friend's house. (Where we'll be watching fireworks tonight). I had to laugh, he thought that I'd driven a rental and parked it a few blocks away. Nope. Hiked that puppy. And then back down to the Ferry again. About an 8 miile day. Loving that!

Hurricane Hill

Sunday. 3 miles total my carcass. Something more like straight freaking up. This was similar to the Timpanogos Cave trail. But the effort was worth it. 360 degree unobstructed views (not counting the fog over the Strait of Juan de Fuca) of Port Angeles and the cascades from the top of the hill. It was beautiful to see the remaining snow piles (one was over 6' feet high) and blanketing the whole north side of the slope.

On this picture on the left is a small snow remnant. To the right heading towards the horizon is the trail. Now if you look at the right third right where the dark blue meets the light blue of the background mountains, you'll see a tinywhite dot. That is the parking area. Blow ups of the picture show the trail popping out on the other side of the dark green hill.

We saw a deer and a couple of Olympic Marmonts. Mr. Marmont is quite the show man. He looks like an overgrown prairie dog with a squirrel tail. He was busy digging, but paused to pose bringing up a sprig of grass balanced on his nose.

This hike was literally an uphill climb without much forest. But again, another testament to the beauty of the Olympic Penninsula.

On the way home we stopped at a lavender farm. Chapstick, cookbook: cookies, candy, salad dressing. The annual Lavender Festival is next week - everything was blooming and beautifully scented.

Sol Duc Falls

Saturday. We took the "long route" to and from Sol Duc Falls. There's a short jaunt (less than a mile) from parking lot to the falls or there's the Lover's Lane trail and the "mapped, but unnamed" trail. We took Lover's to the falls and the "unnamed" back. For a total of 6 miles.
This was a lovely, forested set of trails. There is nothing like like hiking the forests of the Olympic National Park. Ferns, flowers and the wondeous scent of moss supporting forest dampness. We ate lunch at the falls. I, uncharacteristically circumvented a railing, climbed down a little hill (obviously not the first one to do so), propped myself against a tree and shot some unobtructed vews of the falls and the canyon the water cut through.

My daughter and I had the most fabulous time.